Praise Him is a preaching ministry with the primary purposes of proclaiming the following:

  1. The love of God in Christ Jesus and the love of Christ Jesus for the world are first and foremost, and serve as the focus of the Praise Him Radio ministry;

  2. Inviting individuals who do not yet know the Lord Jesus Christ to become acquainted with Him and encourage them to develop a deeply personal relationship with Him as their Lord and Savior;

  3. Equally important is teaching the followers of Jesus about worshiping Him in a proper and pleasing manner, while developing their personal spiritual growth;

  4. Proclaiming the Bible's answers to some of life's most persistent and perplexing questions is a major focus of the Praise Him Radio ministry, coupled with introducing or reinforcing knowledge about the biblical solutions to societal problems;

  5. The overall purpose is to preach and teach the basic foundational truths contained in the Scriptures, which are sometimes referred to as "The Doctrines of Faith.";

The above purposes of Praise Him are interactive. Some are pursued through a series of public lectures, seminars and radio broadcasts. Others are addressed in individual pastoring sessions.
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