Special Interest Courses:

bible courses taught
  1. Choosing a Mate:  (7-10 hour series)
    Designed to assist unmarried individuals in deciding what qualities to look for in a prospective marriage partner. the series is based on an in-depth review of the first and thirty-first chapters of Proverbs and a study of the guidelines for selecting a spouse in these two great chapters.
  2. The Seven Steps to Self-Destruction:  (7-10 hour seminar)
    Offers an emotionally compelling and detailed step-by-step progressive look at self-destruction. Originally designed as a post-suicide counseling class for individuals who lost a family member, colleague or friend to suicide, the course has been expanded to reach listeners who have decided to or are in the process of deciding to destroy their own lives, businesses, marriages or their faith. (Someday this seminar will hopefully be a book.)
  3. Why Me? Why This? Why Now? What's Next?  (6 lectures)
    Devoted to helping people understand the reason for pain and suffering in their lives and how to endure it.
  4. Dead or Alive:  (5 hours)
    Some of the topics are:
    • How can I tell if I am spiritually dead?
    • Is my preacher dead?
    • Is my church's worship service dead?
  5. The Biblical Meaning to Money:  (7-10 hours)
    Is a synopsis of the biblical doctrine of money and how it relates to us today. This course has been developed over a twenty year time period and is perhaps the most popular course that I teach.
  6. Speaking in His Name:  (13 hour seminar)
    Designed to introduce and develop biblical principles and practical guidelines in sharing one's faith.
  7. The Next Twelve Decisions:  (12 hours)
    Designed as basic training in introducing the new believer to the Christian faith. Twelve decisions are thought to be essential to establishing a pattern of growth as a new Christian.
  8. How to Study the Bible:  (6-10 hours)
    Provides an opportunity for vital insight into understanding the Bible as a divine resource for time and eternity in the context of "How to Approach the Bible". Helpful guidelines on correct study habits, attitudes, methods, approaches and maturing in the study of God's Word are offered in a thoughtful and concise manner.
Additional information is available upon request.
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